Recover Lost Or Deleted Photos From Recycle Bin

Did you accidentally deleted photos from your system and emptied your recycle bin? Well, whatever files or photos you have accidentally deleted, it does not get erased from the system permanently and there is still a possibility of recovering lost photos. Yes, you can recover deleted photos from the recycle bin. However, you need to respond quickly and should use an efficient photo recovery tool to get your lost photos back.

There could be several reasons of photo loss like virus attack, system failure or unexpected power supply. However, loss of photos due to accidental deletion is quite common. Sometimes you delete photos considering them junk file or duplicates while sometimes photos mistakenly deleted by emptying recycle bin. In any case, loss of valuable photos is not payable.


Many of us believe that once the photos deleted from the recycle bin, its lost permanently. Actually the file deleted remain on the computer hard drive but only the space occupied the file become available to be used by another file. To recover deleted photos from the recycle bin, you need to consider following things:

  • Stop using your computer for performing any new action

  • Do not install or download any program to make sure the deleted file is not overwritten by new file

  • Download professional photo recovery software to recover lost photos

Photo recovery software is a advance tool to recover deleted photos from the emptied recycle bin. The software scan your hard drive for deleted photos and gives you option to restore recovered photos in a specified location. It support photo recovery from FAT, NTFS, HFS and HFSX volumes. Photos can be easily recovered even deleted using Shift+Delete keys or delete command. Despite that photos and videos of any file format can be easily recovered with this tool.